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The cold weather is here!  Make sure your vehicle is up to date on maintenance before you head out into the chilly weather!


• BATTERY: Make sure terminals are tight and clean. If lights seem dim or vehicle starts are sluggish, have the electrical system, including battery, checked by a technician. 

• RADIATOR: Check coolant strength with a hydrometer. Recommended protection level is -36 degrees. Never check hot. 

• BELTS/HOSES: Check belts for cracks or fraying. Check hoses for leaks, bulges or cracks. Make sure clamps are secure. 

• WINDSHIELD WASHER/WIPERS: Make sure reservoir is filled with washer solvent. Replace wiper blades if needed. 

• FLUIDS: Check oil, brake, transmission, radiator coolant and power steering fluid levels. Follow owner’s manual directions. 

• AIR FILTER: Hold air filter up to a light. If you can’t see through it, replace it. 

• TIRES: Inspect wear. Check pressure with a gauge when tires are cold. Refer to owner’s manual for recommended air pressure and tread depth specifications. 

• LIGHTS AND SIGNALS: Activate to make sure all work.

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